Phone, Skype and 'Telehealth'

To access the online telehealth plaform via your PC’s web browser, please follow the below link. It should be noted that you will receive an email from inRange Diabetes with all the relevent login instructions.

Alternatively you can download the Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac desktop applications. These links will provide you with all the required instructions.

Microsoft Windows:

Apple Mac:

Your PC will need to have a Web Camera and Microphone for us to correctly communicate over this service.

Please call Isabel on 0419 482 285 if you have any issues with this platform, and we will assist were possible.

For all appointments arranged via skype service please add the contact name ‘isabel2149’ to call InRange Diabetes for your appointment.

To download the skype application please go to the following Skype website link. Please note that a sign up via email might be required to access this service.

Skype can be used on either the PC or mobile device.


Please call 0419 482 285 at the time of your appointment to connect with InRange Diabetes, unless you have advised otherwise.