Do you know when its a low?

When I have gone too low, I normally become unsteady on my feet, I start talking about weird stuff, I ramble and/or I speak when nobody is really talking to me.  I recall once discussing turtles on the moon quite seriously with my parents while they were trying to feed me late at night. A
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What it feels like to be 'High'

Even the most well controlled diabetic has highs and lows, of their blood sugar that is.  I’ll often say, “I’m high” which obviously might incur varied responses from people, few of which are positive or helpful, but in context of having Type 1 Diabetes this is a more understandable statement.  Despite this, for people on
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Camping adventure at Mt Kosciusko

November 1, 2013 I went on my first real hike/camp last weekend at Mt Kosciusko. I have always wanted to camp but when I was growing up I avoided it mostly due to my diabetes and to the knowledge that I felt I had to sit up to do injections. I didn’t understand the theory
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